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Don't look any further;

  • Lunch included.

  • 5 min from the beach.

  • Ancestral house.

  • WiFi, and games room.

  • 5 Rooms available all renovated.

Beach Flèche de Penouille, Gaspésie    .JPG
  1. Haldimand beach  

  2. Coin-du-Banc Beach  

  3. The Devil of the Bonaventure River  

  4. Penouille arrow   

  5. The beaches of Carleton-sur-Mer  

  6. Beaubassin Beach  

Auberge Cap Chaleurs, Gaspésie, Caplan, Québec, Canada
  1. Fish and enjoy lobster

  2. Attend Chandler's Nova Lumina

  3. Doing yoga on the beach

  4. Fatbike

  5. Witness the Northern Lights and watch the stars

  6. Take a tour of the wind turbines

  7. Dinner at the Gaspé Flavor Market

  8. Cross the Gaspé Peninsula on skis and snowshoes

  9. Bathing at the waterfall at Philomène

  10. See the most beautiful sunsets

  11. Make a fire on the beach

  12. Say hello to the whales

  13. Go sailing or paddle surfing

  14. Go see the suspended glass platform, in Percé

  15. To watch the birds

  16. Take a guided tour of the Martre lighthouse

  17. Hang-gliding from the top of Mont-Saint-Pierre

  18. Visit the Jardin de Métis

  19. Go for a long hike

  20. A safari in the Chic-Choc

  21. Go swimming in the Bonaventure River

  22. BioPArc


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